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Reiki works as efficiently over distance as in a local hands on session. However, distance Reiki uses a slightly different protocol and is certainly most useful when one cannot travel to the practitioner. Please use the Paypal buttons below to book your Reiki treatments.

To book a session, please contact me first by email. We can arrange the best time. Please then return to this page to send the appropriate fee.

Distance sessions are invoiced according to their number. A single session costs £25.00, a series of 4 sessions over 4 days costs £90, and a series of 7 sessions over 7 days costs £150. The advantages of Reiki at distance is that it enables Reiki to be given without visiting my practice. This could be because you live in another country, but equally because even if you do live in Somerset you might not be able to physically travel. Or, quite simply, because you would rather receive Reiki in the comfort of your own home.

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Much of my Reiki work is at distance. Should you desire a personal session, this is possible, please contact me by phone or email first. Personal sessions cost £50.00, a series of 4 sessions over 4 days costs £170. These sessions take place via home visits by arrangement.

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