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I encountered Reiki in 2010, and was trained by Reiki Masters Gilles Tikka and Martine Rollin-Tikka in Paris (Reiki France), obtaining my three Reiki degrees between 2010 and 2012. Since that time, I have practised Reiki daily, either with meditation, or alongside a simple yoga practise. I wish here to give thanks to my teachers Gilles and Martine. My path in Reiki began with a single session with Martine in 2010. I knew instantly that I wanted to learn about and then work with Reiki. It is with great joy that I could study with them for my three degrees.

I received my Reiki III practitioner degree just 10 days before I was to leave France in 2012. That weekend of initiation and attunement was a very special moment.

I have always been interested in the energetic arts and from my years at university onwards I attended evening classes in Tai Chi (Bronwyn Hipkin, Cambridge UK), and in Aikido (Tony Sargeant, Cambridge). Moving to Paris in 1992, I subsequently discovered Les temps du corps, a center for study and practice of Qi Gong founded by Ke Wên. I trained under Sun Feng for 5 years, taking classes in Dao Yin Qi-Gong.

Reiki-wave is an intitiative that has been gradually developing over the past months, as I integrate regular distance work into my daily Reiki practice.

Although with my Reiki III diplôma I obtained the level of Reiki Practitioner, this is in reality the point where it all begins. This year, my own work has been enrichened by two Workshops for Reiki practitioners run by Candace Caddick – Reiki Master, author and member of The Reiki Association – which she held in September and October at energy sites in the UK. This year her workshops took place at Woodhenge (near Stonehenge in Wiltshire), and next spring, I will be taking part in further workshops at Avebury. The Woodhenge workshops centered around inner vision, and have been really deepening my practice of Reiki.

I have been very happy to share regular Reiki work with Vibeke Francis – website – who works particularly with Reiki for horses. The work that we have done together in our exploration of Reiki has been profoundly enriching and profoundly healing.

In February 2015 I began my Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course (Levels 1 to 4) and am a student of Rosie Dowbekin for the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (London)followed by the Intermediate Level course (Levels 5 & 6) in June and July of the same year. I received my Diploma in Kinesiology from he Bistol School of Advanced Kinesiology (BSAK) studying under Julie Mawji. For more information about my Kinesiology practice please click here.


My own Reiki lineage is as follows :

Dr. Mikao USUI
Grand Master REIKI, Founder of the natural method of REIKI
(1st generation)

Dr. Chijiro HAYASHI
Grand Master REIKI, successor of Mikao USUI
(2nd generation)

Madame Hawayo TAKATA
Grand Master REIKI, successor of
(3rd generation)

Madame Iris ISHIKURO
REIKI Master, niece of Hawayo TAKATA
Initiated Master of REIKI by Hawayo TAKATA
(4th generation)

REIKI Master, Preseident founder of the A.R.M.A.
(American REIKI Master Association)
Initiated REIKI Master by Iris ISHIKURO
(5th generation)

Dr. Roger FOISY
REIKI Master teacher,
Initiated REIKI Master by Arthur L. ROBERTSON
(6th generation)

Gilles TIKKA
REIKI Master teacher,
Initiated REIKI master by Roger FOISY
(7th generation)

REIKI Master teacher,
Initiated REIKI Master by Gilles TIKKA
(8th generation)

Peter Jeffs
3rd Degree REIKI,
Initiated 3rd Degrée REIKI Practitioner
by Gilles TIKKA & Martine ROLLIN-TIKKA
(8th generation)


Profesional affiliations

In 2014 I became a member of The Reiki Association at Practitioner level and an Associate Member of the Association for Systematic Kinesiology in 2016.