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Working in conjunction with Pray for Texas Coach Connect, I am happy to offer a number of individual Distance Reiki healings for people who have been impacted by the effects of Storm Harvey.

To receive a distance healing I ask simply for a referral from a Coach Connect counsellor and an email message to pete.reikipractise [at] so that we can arrange a time.

For distance work the modality is simple: I ask for the address of your current physical location, and we agree on a time. I don't require any in depth information about your situation for this work, though I welcome sharing, should you wish to share more about your situation. I regularly work with clients in the Houston/Austin area through Distance Reiki I am glad to be able to serve you at this time.

In the initial stage of this process, I have seven slots for distance healing. I am able to offer one session per person. I am waiving my Distance Healing fee for people impacted by Harvey as a contribution to this amazing effort on behalf of the Coach Connect project.