Kinesiology is an approach to well-being that uses the act of muscle testing to determine the state of the muscle-organ-meridian systems of the body. In a body that is in balance, the appropriate muscles will fire when the kinesiologist applies a light pressure to a limb. However, when the body is out of balance, certain muscles won't fire and are said to test weak.

George Goodheart, an American chiropractor showed that specific muscles can indicate the condition and functioning of specific meridian/organ systems. Through the Wheel Balance Test, all the key meridian/organ systems of the body can be studied and an idea of their condition be rapidly obtained.

Before making any correction, however, the kinesiologist will examine the system for emotional, dietary, neurovascular, lymphatic and energetic factors, in order to determine the cause(s) of imbalance. It is in this way that we can look at specific foods to which the body might react; vitamins, minerals and supplements which the body might be in need of; as well as hydration, and emotional factors.


I am currently studying Systematic Kinesiology with Rosie Dowbekin, a kinesiology practitioner and teacher based in Frome, Somerset. I am about to complete my Kinesiology Foundation course (Levels 1 to 4), and will be studying for the Intermediate Course (Levels 5 & 6) in June and July 2015. I hope to continue my training and take the Diplôma course starting in Bristol this September. This will lead to my becoming a professional Practitioner of Kinesiology by 2017.

Whilst I am in apprecticeship, I am offering a number of Kinesiology sessions which are written up as part of my training program. I will be offering these sessions free of charge until I begin my Diplôma training in September, at which point I will make a £25 charge for a full Kinesiology Session.

I am deeply grateful to all those who are currently helping me during this period of training, and I welcome equiries for "Guinea-pig" sessions, which last about one hour. These sessions include either a full Balance Wheel (or an Over-energy approach), along with an initial exploration of dietary and other issues whose resolution can increase well-being.

I thank you for your interest in my kinesiological work and training. Please contact me on : 0777 604 3705 if you would like to book a Guinea-pig session. I currently practice in Fiddington (near Bridgwater), but can also provide home sessions in the Fiddington / Nether Stowey area.